Winter beauty essentials to take on your ski trip

Winter beauty essentials for a ski trip - a fairytale of my own

Winter beauty essentials for a ski trip - a fairytale of my own

Winter Beauty essentials - a fairytale of my own

Ski trip beauty essentials Kiehl's ultra face cream - a fairytale of my own

Ski trip beauty essentials - Mac beauty balm - a fairytale of my own

Ski trip essentials the bodyshop coconut hand cream - a fairytale of my own

Ski trip beauty essentials Cicaplast levres - a fairytale of my own


During the winter season we often go skiing. Even though the mountains are so far away from where we live, we always find the time to go. This year in particular we went skiing twice and we are going at least one more time by the end of the season. When you love something you need to do more of it, right? Unfortunately cold weather can be so tough on your skin so proper measures need to be taken well in advance. That’s why there are a few winter beauty essentials  that I always have to take with me when I am packing for a ski trip. 

  1. SPF protection

    I can’t stress this one enough! If you take one thing out of this blog post let it be this one! It should be on the top of your winter beauty essentials list too! The sun is so much more damaging to your skin than when you are sun bathing on the beach. The reason for that? The altitude – the higher you go the higher the UV radiation exposure.  And if that isn’t enough, the snow is also reflecting the UV lights which doubles your UV exposure. So think about the future you and just some SPF on! I love my Kiehl’s  Ultra Facial Cream which has SPF 30, however I don’t just wear it when I am skiing. I wear this thing every single day!

  2. Argan oil 

    Just like your face, your hair needs special care prior sun exposure. I like to use pure Moroccan argan oil to protect my hair. It is very rich in Vitamin E which acts as a shield to to the damaging UV rays. 

  3. Lip balm 

    Don’t forget your lips! They need protection just as much your face does. Cold weather may (and most probably will) cause damage to your lips and will make them look and feel dry and chapped. La Roche Posay Cicaplast has been my go to lip balm for the mountains. It is designed to protect your lips in harsh weather conditions, plus the packaging is comfortable for carrying in your pocket to the slopes.  In my previous beauty post I mentioned how much I love my Nuxe lip balm but it is just not convenient when skiing- the jar is a little bulky to carry around and there is no way I am sticking my unwashed, gloves wearing hands in it.

  4. BB Cream 

    This one is optional. If you want to rock the no make up look then go for it! I on the other hand like wearing a little bit of make up when skiing. My choice of bb cream is MAC Prep and Prime BB Beauty Balm which also has an SPF of 35. I guess you can get away with wearing only the BB cream but I take my SPF protection very seriously, so I usually wear both when I am skiing.

  5. Hand cream

    I think you get the vibe of this post by now – moisturizing is everything in the winter! My hands get so extremely dry during the winter season, so I keep a hand cream with me everywhere. This hand cream from The Bodyshop is the perfect size to take with me on the slopes along with my lip balm. It is very moisturizing and it smells like coconut. Yummy! 


These are all of my winter beauty essentials that I always have to have with me when skiing. Of course, I bring with me other products but those are only the ones that I cannot live without on a winter ski vacation. 

What are your winter beauty staples? I’m sure my suitcase can fit a few more products…



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  1. A good hand cream and a lip balm are a must for me! In the winter my hands are always dry, not to mention my lips. I should definitely try your other suggestions! Thank you for sharing this valuable information! ❤

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