Puma Basket Heart Sneakers

Puma basket heart sneakers- doca backpack - a fairytale of my own

Puma basket heart sneakers - a fairytale of my own

A fairytale of my own blogger

Doca faux fur shearling backpack - a fairytale of my ownPuma basket heart sneakers and Doca backpack - a fairytale of my own

Puma Basket Heart Sneakers | Doca Backpack | T-shirt – Top Shop (now on sale) | Boohoo jacket | New Era cap

It’s amazing how your tastes can change in a matter of just a couple of years… I used to hate pink a while ago but now I am drawn to it like crazy. Those pink Puma Basket Heart sneakers and I had a love at first sight when we first met this summer in Paris and we live happily ever since. They come with two sets of ribbons so you can change them according to your outfit.  When I first got them I was obsessed with the satin ribbon but lately I am feeling more these striped ones. 

To compliment the pink sneakers beauties I decided to accessorize them with my pink faux shearling backpack which also screamed my name when I saw it for the first time. Yes, that happens to me a lot…Don’t you just love it when fashion pieces speak to you? I think these are the items you genuinely fall in love with and reach towards often!

I wore this casual outfit during the weekend for running errands around the city. It was crazy warm here so a t-shirt and a bomber jacket were a must for me before we go back to having a gloomy January weather, which we already are so I am glad I did!




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