Should you take a break from gel manicure?

break from gel manicure - a fairytale of my own

If you know me, you’ve probably noticed that I like to change my nails.. a lot. If there is a nail trend, I probably tried it – short nails, long nails, super long nails, round shape, square shape, coffin shape, matte, glossy – you name it, I’ve had it! However, all that would not be possible if I didn’t have gel manicure. And I am not talking about gel polish! I am talking about the translucent gel that makes your nails a little thicker and a lot stronger.

Gel manicure short - a fairytale of my own

Gel manicure coffin shaped nails - a fairytale of my own

gel manicure - a fairytale of my own

break from gel manicure - a fairytale of my own

 Naturally my nails are  thin – without gel, I couldn’t even imagine having such long nails (pictured above). Despite the fact that I eat healthy – my diet is full of fruits and vegetables and I take my vitamins and supplements my nails are still… let’s call them soft. Having gel manicure for the past 6 or 7 years didn’t really help with their strength. I wanted to experiment with them so much that I didn’t really give them the chance to get stronger in between manicures. Now, a few years later my nails simply refuse to have any sort of gel on top of them. Whatever type of gel I put on, it seems to peel off. I experimented with all sorts of innovative gels and gels developed for weak nails but none of them seemed to make a difference. So I made the decision to give them a break from gel. 
For the last couple of weeks I’ve been putting nail strengthener religiously  along with different oils. It’s been a slow process but they are getting stronger. I know I will go back to gel manicure eventually – gel manicure and I share a special bond. However, I won’t make the same mistake of not giving my nails a break for such a long period of time. The UV lights used to harden the gel + gel polish is damaging not only to your skin but to your nails as well. I think it is important to give your nails sufficient time to “breathe” and recover in between. 
For now I love rocking my short nails and really putting the time and effort to strengthen them. 


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    1. I haven’t done my nails myself in more than 6 years. I know eventually I will go back to gel because it saves me so much time but for now I love my short nails 🙂

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