Should you take a break from gel manicure?

break from gel manicure - a fairytale of my own

If you know me, you’ve probably noticed that I like to change my nails.. a lot. If there is a nail trend, I probably tried it – short nails, long nails, super long nails, round shape, square shape, coffin shape, matte, glossy – you name it, I’ve had it! However, all that would not be possible if I didn’t have gel nails.

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Winter beauty essentials to take on your ski trip

Winter beauty essentials for a ski trip - a fairytale of my own

During the winter season we often go skiing. Even though the mountains are so far away from where we live, we always find the time to go. This year in particular we went skiing twice and we are going at least one more time by the end of the season. When you love something you need to do more of it, right? Unfortunately cold weather can be so tough on your skin so proper measures need to be taken well in advance. That’s why there are a few winter beauty essentials  that I always have to take with me when I am packing for a ski trip. 

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Fall makeup favorites


As winter is quickly approaching, I decided to share with you my favorite makeup products for the fall season. These are all products that I found myself reaching for during the autumn months. Most of these products I picked up in Paris during the summer but I needed some time to use them, fall in […]

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Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa System

Vanity-Planet Ultimate-Skin-Spa-review-a-fairytale-of-my-own

Today I  am going to review the Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with a great skin, so I need to work very hard to keep it looking healthy. I discovered the Vanity Planet brush through the numerous sponsored ads on Youtube, as I am sure you have come across to […]

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