Berry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

smoothie bowl berries - a fairytale of my own

smoothie bowl berries - a fairytale of my own

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. There are just so many options – eggs, smoothies, oatmeal, sandwiches. I can eat breakfast foods all day long.

A smoothie bowl is one of my favorite breakfasts because it can be so versatile and full of nutrients. In today’s post, I am going to share with you a quick and simple berry smoothie bowl recipe that tastes sooo delicious and will fill you up for the entire morning.


mixed berries smoothie bowl - a fairytale of my own

Berry Smoothie bowl


1 banana
Frozen berries
Splash of milk. I used coconut milk.
Nut butter (optional)


Coconut chips
Homemade granola. Recipe here.
Chia seeds



In a blender or food processor blend the frozen berries, banana and milk. If you choose to add any nut butter, now would be the time. In this case, I didn’t have any and it tasted just as delicious. Blend until well incorporated. Pour in a small bowl and top with your toppings of choice. Today I decided to go with coconut chips, chia seeds and my homemade granola (you can find the recipe here).  I also love adding more fruits and raw nuts but you can use whatever you like or have lying around.




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